This page is just to inform you what to expect from this blog. My intention is to post the architectural and technical challenges and thoughts i’m facing  during my day to day work in this blog. This means many blog posts will not be unique but at least i learned something new or just refreshed my memory which is not too bad. I believe there are many talented and skillful bloggers in the virtualization community doing a good job keeping track of new products and new influences so i will not blog about these things.
The blog posts may also be very short and only consists of a few words, it all depends on the subject.

You may also find blog posts about trotting, specially last  weekend in January and May,  which has been an interest since many years.



For the first time i was awarded the VMware vExpert title 2013 and it has been renewed every year since then.

My blog has been included in the Top vBlog competition between 2014-2017 and thanks to you readers out there I have been in the top 20 every time and actually #1 in the category “Favorite new blog” back in 2014. This is awesome and i’m really honoured over these results. My goal was to reach top 100.

For more information, download my complete CV

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