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AHV Best Practices Guide Version 4.1 Released

As you might know there are a few new AOS and AHV versions released since the last AHV Best Practices Guide (BPG) were released. Newest AOS releases are 5.6 and 5.5.2 depending on what release track you have chosen. The Updated AHV BPG still covers the following areas: Nutanix Acropolis Architecture AHV Networking Overview Networking …

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AHV Best Practices Guide Version 4.0 Released

A few weeks ago Nutanix released AOS 5.5 and also a new AHV version and I’m happy to tell you the AHV Best Practices Guide that reflects the new AOS and AHV version is available.The new version ¬†ago an updated version of Nutanix AHV best practices guide (BPG) was released meaning the latest version available …

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