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Nutanix Database Service (NDB)

Quick note: With the newly released 2.5 version of Nutanix Database service (NDB), formerly known as Era, you could run into a situation where the upgrade failed with error “File couldn’t be uploaded: Invalid file format” To address this Nutanix have released a new NDB version called today. If you missed the NDB 2.5 …

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Nutanix NDB 2.4.1 Released

About 2.5 months since the previous release of Nutanix DBaaS NDB, formerly known as Era, version 2.4, a new version called 2.4.1 was released today 2022-04-11. It enables you to patch Standby Oracle Databases in addition to primary databases and includes support for latest the AOS release meaning AOS 6.1. There are many enhancements and …

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Nutanix NDB 2.4 Released

Today, 2022-01-24, Nutanix has release version 2.4 of its DBaaS platform NDB, formerly known as Era. This version will let you manage 600 DBs across two Nutanix cluster from a single Era instance. Great enhancement. Highlighted New Features Apart from the scalability improvement already mentioned there are eight major new features in this new version …

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