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Nutanix Database Service (NDB)

Quick note: With the newly released 2.5 version of Nutanix Database service (NDB), formerly known as Era, you could run into a situation where the upgrade failed with error “File couldn’t be uploaded: Invalid file format” To address this Nutanix have released a new NDB version called today. If you missed the NDB 2.5 …

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Nutanix NDB 2.4 Released

Today, 2022-01-24, Nutanix has release version 2.4 of its DBaaS platform NDB, formerly known as Era. This version will let you manage 600 DBs across two Nutanix cluster from a single Era instance. Great enhancement. Highlighted New Features Apart from the scalability improvement already mentioned there are eight major new features in this new version …

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Nutanix ERA 2.3 Released

Today, 2021-09-20, is a good day for all Nutanix Era customers and fans out there since version 2.3 has been released. Highlighted New Features There are nine new features in this dot release and i’d like to quickly present three of the most important once: You can now deploy the Era management Plane in a …

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