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VMware ESXi – List Network Card Software Information

One of the things you need to check while doing network related troubleshooting is network card (NIC) driver, version and firmware. The command I have used for a long time do to dig up this information is ethtool. This works in most (can’t say all since I just don’t know) Linux based operating systems as well …

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Duplicate random generated data in Linux based VM

A few weeks back i create a blog post about how to create random data in a Linux (CentOS) based VM which you can read here.  Based on that post i have received a few comments and one in particular i’ll address in this blog post and it was about the time it takes to generate …

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Generate random data in Linux based VM

A few weeks back i was asked by a customer to create a lot of random data in same amount of Linux (CentOS) based VMs as there were Nutanix nodes in their cluster. I can see multiple reasons for doing this but that is a complete separate discussion, i just wanted to share the bash …

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