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Monitor Era Operation Progress – ServiceNow & Era Integration

Almost same heading a for another blog post Monitor Era Operation Progress – Calm & Era Integration 🙂 the objective for this blog post is exactly the same meaning monitor Era operations from an overlying Era consumer. The Era consumer in this case is ServiceNow and not Calm. In this blog post i will share …

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Heads Up! – New Nutanix Era Version 2.1 PostgreSQL User and Group Requirements

Quick note to let you know about a PostgreSQL related change that has been implemented in Nutanix Era 2.1. As you know Era comes with a PostgreSQL software profile including VM built on CentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 and PostgreSQL version 10.4. This Era software profile is not affected meaning this note is addressing the PostgreSQL …

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Monitor Era Operation Progress – Calm & Era Integration

I’m getting more and more questions about integrations to Nutanix Era from overlying self-service, automation and orchestration services/tools. It’s a perfect match since integrations to Era is one of my responsibilities these days so keep the questions coming:) There is another blog post which covers Era progress monitoring via ServiceNow available here. In this blog …

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