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Nutanix Move 3.4 Released

A new version of Nutanix Move which is the a virtual machine magration tool, which I guess most of you are familiar with, was released today 2019-12-04. This means the latest and greatest version is 3.4. The following new features has been added to the 3.4 release: Set timezone of migrated VMs to the target …

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Nutanix Move 3.3 Released

Just a quick note to let you know that a new version of Nutanix Move was released yesterday, 2019-09-30, meaning latest and greatest version is now Move 3.3. As I guess you know there are two options when running the Move VM, let it run on Nutanix AHV or on VMware ESXi. Good flexibility there. …

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Nutanix Move 3.2 Released

Nutanix Move is a tool to migrate virtual machines to the Nutanix HCI. Until the most recent release you could migrate VMs from the following sources to Nutanix AHV: vSphere ESXi Hyper-V Amazon AWS With the new Move 3.2 release which was made available a few days ago you can now also migrate VMs to …

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