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Nutanix Product Ports & Protocols

Not sure if you have already seen this already but recently Nutanix made a change to its overall documentation available via portal.nutanix.com. The change includes where product ports and protocols information is displayed and instead of keeping it in each and every products documentation it will be available via one place which makes it way …

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Nutanix ERA Security Document Version 2.2

The Era Security document has been updated to reflect a Database Instance Account management  improvement that was included in the Era version 2.4 but unfortunately missed in the previous document update. Since Era version 2.4 it is supported to update the DB engine PostgreSQL database user (postgres) password for the database instance. After the password …

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Nutanix ERA Security Document Version 2.1

Another update to the Era Security document has been released to reflect the security enhancements included in  the most recent release meaning Era version 2.4. There are two major improvements to the security aspect in Era 2.4: Password management for the Era Management Plane Repository (database) Account(s) meaning postgres or postgres + era Entity Sharing …

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