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Nutanix Technical Champions 2023 announced

Nutanix Technical Champion (NTC) for 2023 has been announced & there is a total of 100 NTCs for next year👍👍 The list includes people who earned the title for the first time, people who has repeatedly earned the title from the start and & people who was NTC a few years back and now did …

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Nutanix Technical Champions 2017 announced

A while back i wrote that you could apply for the Nutanix technical Champion (NTC) title and apparently a lot of people did apply. Just wanted to let you know that the NTC award has been announced for 2017 and there is a total of 150 NTCs.  The list includes some really interested champions including both end customers …

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Apply for Nutanix Technology Champion (NTC) 2017

Yesterday, 2016-10-11, Nutanix opened the application for their Nutanix Technical Champion Program (NTC) for 2017. This will be the third year for this program and the NTC was actually opening the Nutanix .Next user conferance in Las Vegas in June 2016 which was pretty cool in my opinion. So if you’re a Nutanix expert that constantly …

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