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Change Nutanix AHV Virtual Machine Disk Bus Type

I have had a few questions about how to change bus type for a Nutanix AHV based virtual machine (VM) over the past month so this blog post will be how to change the disk bus type for a CentOS 7.3 based VM running on the Nutanix hypervisor AHV. You can add new disk and also delete …

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HP HPSA driver 5.x.0.58-1 can cause ESXi 5.x PSOD

A few days ago i received a call from one of my old customers who asked for advice regarding a VMware ESXi 5.5 Purple Screen Of Death (PSOD) situation. He had already created a VMware service request but wanted a chat while waiting for a reply. I quickly searched the HP support center web site …

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VMware Tools installation fails

When trying to install the VMware Tools software in a virtual machine, using the typical option, i received the following error messages: The virtual machine was running Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 so i have successfully installed VMware Tools many times using the same virtual machine operating system. The virtual machine was running …

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