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Can’t Transfer Files To vCenter Server 7.0

Yesterday, 2012-12-13, i once again encountered the problem of not being able to pscp files to my vCenter Server. i have run in to this a few times over the years and now it was time to write down the solution. When trying to run pscp.exe to transfer a file to vCenter Server 7.0U2d i’m …

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Remove Computer Name In maxOS Terminal

In a previous blog post Set maxOS Catalina Default Shell to Bash i described how to change shell on my MacBook from the new default macOS shell zsh back to bash. However, some time ago i decided to switch to zsh and when i did i wanted to do some housekeeping. First thing, which is …

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Set maxOS Catalina Default Shell to Bash

A few days ago i received a company Macbook and while in the process of setting it up i noted that the default shell was set to zsh which is the recommended one from Apple these days. My personal preference has been and still is bash so this will be a quick blog post about …

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