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Nutanix & Acropolis nomenclature

Since Acropolis Base Software 4.5 was released 2015-10-06 i have received quite a lot of questions (via twitter, email & during VMworld last week) about the different names Nutanix uses for their components, features and logical constructs. This blog post will try to explain this and i will keep it updated whenever a name is added, …

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Nutanix and vSphere deployment via vCenter Orchestrator

A few weeks back me and my colleagues Phil Ditzel and Artur Krzywdzinski was asked to create a customer demo including Nutanix and vSphere deployment. We decided to use vCenter Orchestrator (vCO) as the provisioning engine but this can be done via e.g PowerShell as well. The following steps are included in the vCD workflow we …

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