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Nutanix Move 3.0.2 Released

About 1.5 moths ago Nutanix Move (formerly known as Nutanix VM Migrate) 3.0 was release and last week a dot dot update was made available. This means the latest and greatest release of Nutanix Move is 3.0.2. I wanted to point this out since it includes quite a few fixes and some I found useful …

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Nutanix Move 3.0 Released

Yesterday, 2019-03-13, Nutanix released Move version 3.0 and for those of you who never heard about it it’s actually the new name for the good old Nutanix Xtract for Virtual Machines. One of the most significant improvements in this version is that you can now migrate VMs from Hyper-V to AHV meaning the following sources …

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Nutanix Xtract For VMs Version 2.0.3 Released

Yesterday, 2019-02-04, Nutanix released a new version of its VM migration tool called Nutanix Xtract for Virtual Machines meaning latest and greatest version is now 2.0.3. For those of you that don’t know, Xtract for VMs is a tool to migrate VMs to Nutanix AHV hypervisor AHV. I know it is a dot dot release but …

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