AHV Best Practices Guide Version 3.0 Released

Just wanted to let you know that a new version of the Nutanix AHV Best Practices guide, version 3.0, was released today.  This is to keep up with the new features available in Nutanix AOS 5.0 released end of 2016 and reflects the features available as of today, 20170113, and it includes the following topics:

  • Networking
  • Virtual Machine High Availability
  • Acropolis Dynamic Scheduler
  • VM Deployment
  • Nutanix Guest Tools
  • VM Data Protection
  • Hypervisor Mobility and Conversion
  • Live Migration
  • CPU Configuration
  • Memory
  • Disks
  • Resource Oversubscription
  • Huge Pages

It also includes includes the following sections

  • AHV Networking Best Practices Checklist
  • AHV Best Practices Checklist

Download your copy by clicking the download button below.


The previous AHV BPGs (AHV BPG v 1.0 and AHV BPG v 2.0)  are no longer available  so i encourage you to download the latest guide to keep up with the changes.

If you got a Nutanix Portal account just click this direct link to the AHV Best Practices Guide 3.0 and you can read it online.