August 2014 VCDX56 sponsor blog by VMTurbo

The August VCDX56 blog sponsor post is published by VMturbo. The blog post includes e.g. information about the newly launched Green Circle Community, VMturbo products and also links to VMturbo resources.

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VMTurbo Opens “The Green Circle”

The Green Circle

VMTurbo is pleased to announce the launch of the Green Circle Community, an online social community where some of the World’s most sophisticated virtualized data center managers and admins share ideas, best practices and industry knowledge.

All users earn credit for participating and even get the chance to become a “Green Circle Founder”. Founders of the Green Circle are industry leaders who have shared their knowledge and passion, becoming a resource for many in the virtualization community.

All are welcome. To join the Green Circle, register here.

About: Virtualization

In addition to the Green Circle, there’s a new outpost focused on cutting-edge thinking in cloud and virtualization – About: Virtualization. Topics covered include Virtualization, Cloud, Software-Defined-anything (SDx), Performance, DevOps, and Best Practices.

About VMTurbo

VMTurbo’s Software-Driven Control platform enables organizations to manage cloud and enterprise virtualization environments to assure application performance while maximizing infrastructure efficiency. VMTurbo’s patented market-based approach dynamically examines real-time performance characteristics, resource capacity, system constraints and service level priorities across the environment to determine, implement and adjust resource configurations and workload placement. This drives the necessary actions to bring the environment into a healthy state where performance is assured while maximizing efficiency — and keep it there as demands fluctuate— quickly, automatically, continuously and efficiently. VMTurbo enables enterprises to meet service levels and business goals, and is the only technology capable of closing the loop in IT operation by automating the decision-making process to control the environment in a healthy state.

As cloud and virtual environments grow in complexity, enterprises need a new approach to ensure that the best decisions are being made throughout the entire infrastructure, keeping everything running smoothly in real time. VMTurbo’s patented technology is the only way to automate this process – enabling companies to fully harness the power of virtualization.

The VMTurbo platform first launched in August 2010 and since that time more than 10,000 users worldwide have deployed the platform, including JP Morgan Chase, Aetna, Colgate-Palmolive and Salesforce.com. Using VMTurbo, customers ensure that applications get the resources they need to operate reliably, while utilizing their most valuable infrastructure and human resources most efficiently.


Operations Manager 30-Day Trial

VMTurbo’s flagship product, Operations Manager maintains your virtual and cloud environments in a healthy state. It manages homogeneous and heterogeneous vSphere, Hyper-V, XenServer and RHEV environments. Read more to see how.

Free Virtual Health Monitor

100% Free Monitoring from VMTurbo. Virtual Health Monitor (VHM) provides full featured monitoring and reporting in an unlimited fashion across vSphere, Hyper-V, XenServer and RHEV. And it’s free – why pay more?

Bridging the IT Operations-Application Owner Gap (Free Whitepaper)

Conflicting organizational needs all too often create tension between functional silos. Application owners demand more and more resources. Infrastructure managers are left to choose between disappointing app owners and upsetting their budget-holding superiors. This conflict is disruptive to IT’s progress in delivering innovative, reliable, and cost-effective service to the business. This whitepaper explores the unique perspectives of application owners and infrastructure managers, and why today’s simplistic management tools fail to deliver a resolution that solves each party’s goals.