Can not delete desktop pool in VMware Horizon View

Updated 2017-11-03: I was made aware of that this solution works for Horizon View 7.1 as well.


A customer of mine running VMware Horizon View 5.2, View Conenction Server, and vSphere 5.1 had an issue with deleting a desktop pool. All virtual machines (VMs) in the desktop pool could be deleted manually apart from one VM. The desktop pool were in status Deleting shown in the figure below.

There were not many management options available for the desktop pool when i right clicked.

When looking at the only VM still in the desktop pool it reported status “Deleting (missing)”.view3

I can totally understand why the VM status is Deleting (missing) since the VM is actually not present in the vCenter Server inventory. This means that the object does not exists in the vCenter Server database but in one or two of the remaining databases used in our VMware Horizon View solution:

  • Connection Server ADAM database.
  • View Composer database

The VMware KB 1008658 describes the problem and solution but i have included the information relevant for my problem in this blog post.
I started the investigation by logging on to the View Connection Server ADAM database using the ADAM UI (ADSI Edit) and using the following configuration and query.

  • Name = test
  • Select or type a Distinguished Name or Naming Context = dc=vdi,dc=vmware,dc=int
  • Select or type a domain or server = localhost:389
  • Run the ADSI Edit query = (&(objectClass=pae-VM)(pae-displayname=VM1001))
    • Where VM1001 was the name of my VM
  • I recorded the CN-number and selected properties on the VM object. This shows me the status, DELETING, i’m seeing the in VMware Horizon View Administration:

Next i verified that the VM object existed in the View Composer database by looking in the MSSQL table dbo.SVI_VM_NAME.
I also verified if the VM existed in the active directory but it didn’t.

I used the following process when deleting VM object.

  • Disable provisioning of the VMware Horizon View desktop pools. We were not allowed to stop the Windows based services for VMware View Horizon and View Composer.
  • Backup of the ADAM database by running the below command from location D:Program FilesVMwareVMware ViewServertoolsbin
    • vdmexport > 20131021-vdmconfig.ldf
  • Backup the View Composer MSSQL database.
  • In the ADSI Edit utility i located the VM object, under the OU=Servers container using the CN-number recorded earlier, and deleted it.
  • I performed the following steps in MSSQL:
    1. Delete the VM row in the table dbo.SVI_VM_NAME. The VM is found using the Name column.
    2. Delete the VM row in the table dbo.SVI_COMPUTER_NAME. The VM is found using the Name column.
    3. Find (not delete) the ID of the VM in the table dbo.SVI_SIM_CLONE The VM is found using the VM_NAME column.
    4. Delete the row in the table dbo.SVI_SC_PDISK_INFO where the ID found in step 3 is present in the PARENT_ID column.
    5. Delete the row in the table dbo.SVI_SC_DISK_KEYS where the ID found in step 3 is present in the PARENT_ID column.
    6. Verified that the ID found in step 3 was not present in the SIM_CLONE_ID column in table dbo.SVI_TASK_STATE
    7. Delete the VM row in the table dbo.SVI_SIM_CLONE. The VM is found using the VM_Name column.

When all the steps were completed i verified that the VM object and the desktop pool were removed from the VMware Horizon View UI.

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