Can’t Login To VMware vCenter Server 6.7

When nothing else is working – Reboot

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just wanted to quickly share a really strange behaviour I ran in to yesterday, 2019-05-08, with a VMware vCenter Server version 6.7 U1b. I was not able to login to my vCenter Server via:

  • SSH even though is was enabled

  • The VMware Appliance Management interface which you reach via https://vCenter_Server_IP_address:5480

I could however login using the vSphere Client and do my regular management of the system.

After spending some time looking at logs files, searching in tasks & events, asking google and so on without finding a way to solve this issue I decided to reboot the entire vCenter Server Appliance.

And based on the picture at the top of the blog post I guess you already knew that it solved the problem.

Will do some additional root cause analysis trying to understand what actually happened. We do have a 100% utilisation for /storage/archive (only 229 MB left on device) but that shouldn’t be a problem according to both VMware Support and the VMware KB 57829

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