Change & Verify Nutanix Controller Virtual Machine Network (VLAN) Placement

In most of my deployments I need to place the Nutanix Node (AHV, ESXi, Hyper-V) and the Nutanix Controller Virtual Machine (CVM) on a non default VLAN. This blog post will cover the CVM part and by following the below steps you can easily place a CVM on a specific VLAN and also verify the configuration

  • Verify the CVM VLAN placement by running the below command on the AHV host where the CVM is running:
    • ovs-vsctl show

      • Check the section vnet0 and see if there is a line including “tag; X” or not. If the line does not exists the CVM is not using Acropolis VLAN tagging.
  • Run the following command on the CVM you want to place on a VLAN
    • change_cvm_vlan <vlanId>
      • In my case I used “change_cvm_vlan 32”
  • Verify the configuration by running the ovs-vsctl show command from either the AHV host where the CVM is running or via the CVM by running any of the following commands:
    • ssh root@ ovs-vsctl show

      As you can see we now have a line including “tag: <vlanId>” and in my case I placed the CVM on VLAN 32.

      • This command will list the local CVM configuration
    • hostssh ovs-vsctl show
      • This command will list the configuration for all CVM in the Nutanix Cluster.

These commands have been tested and verified on AOS 5.1 and AHV 20160925.44