Delete All vRealize Orchestrator Finished Workflow Runs

Even though I’m trying to move away from the vRealize Orchestrator (vRO), formerly known as vCenter Orchestrator (vCO), java based client and use the new vRO Client which is HTML5 based and looks pretty good I’m still in the legacy client and poke around quite a lot.

vRealize Orchestrator HTML Client – vRealize Orchestrator Client

That is mainly based on lack of knowledge (time to actually figure out how everything works) and also some annoying error messages in the new client when e.g. trying to edit workflow┬áI guess I’ll be in dual client mode for some time.

So back to the the blog post title “Delete All vRealize Orchestrator Finished Workflow Runs“. When using the trial & error approach during workflow development I can sometime end up with a huge number of workflow runs before they succeed. For housekeeping purposes I’m trying to keep a minimum number of workflow runs in the UI.

As an example this is not an uncommon view:)

If you have workflows with a lot of input fields it’s nice to actually save the workflow runs since you re-run them and keep almost all input parameters

To clean this up and delete all the workflow runs just:

  • Right-click on the Workflow, in the case OperationMonitoring,
  • Select Delete all finished workflow runs”
  • Click “Delete all elements”

When done, this is what you’ll see:

Looks pretty nice & clean!

There are two more options available to manually clean up workflow runs:

  1. Right click the workflow run and select “Delete”.
  2. Right-click the top-level object in client and select “Delete all finished workflow runs”