Eight years as a blogger

Today, 2021-03-13, i celebrate (or whatever i’m doing) eight years as a blogger.

During past 12 months around 60 blog post have been created meaning total number of live blog posts are now in the 820 range. Apart from creating blog posts i have made a few changes to the blog including:

  • Enable SSL – YEAH hurray, should have been done 7-5 years ago:)
  • Slightly changed the layout
  • Changed domain name from vcdx56.com to magander.se The vcdx56 name will be available and perform redirect to the new magander.se

As you have seen over the past two years the blog focus has been more and more around Nutanix Era. That will remain since that’s what i do in my day 2 day work.

Thanks to everyone reading my blog posts, mention them in social media and to my blog sponsors.