Exciting times ahead – career move

Since 1999 i have been employed by either a service provider or a consulting firm.
Now i have decided to take on a new challenge and will be joining Nutanix starting on Monday (12:th of May 2014). I must admit i’m really excited joining a software company and a company still considered a start-up by some.

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Nutanix was founded 2009 and i have been following the company since i first heard about them back in 2012 but more closely since about a year ago. The Nutanix solution brings you scaleability, simplicity and performance in a very nice package referred to as a Nutanix block which includes both compute (CPU & RAM) and storage.
For those of you not familiar with Nutanix you can get an introduction here.

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I’ll work in the Solutions & Performance Engineering team with a lot of talented people and i know you are all familiar with e.g. Josh Odgers, Michael Webster,Derek Seaman to mention a few of my team members.
I really believe in the solution created by Nutanix and could mention quite a few times where a Nutanix solution would have been a perfect match for customers i have been working for in the past. This includes business, technical and operational needs and requirements.

My main focus at Nutanix will be to contribute to the R&D of the Nutanix Platform and in the beginning i’ll be focusing on making sure the solutions, mostly based on VMware software, i have been working with for years can successfully be deployed on top of the same.
However, and this is really important, i will also work as a Nutanix consultant as part of my job and i think that customer interaction is really important when trying develop e.g. best practices/recommended configurations.

To summarize i think this will be a really interesting time ahead:)



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