Four years as a blogger

Well time flies and today 13 March 2017 I have been a blogger for 4 years. I’m still using the blog quite a lot for my own documentation purposes and focusing on the architectural and technical challenges I’m facing during my daily work. I published 84 new blog posts last year meaning there are now a total of 445 live blog posts available here.

I changed the blog design and structure and one thing are the partner (blog sponsor) pages. I also clean it up and tried to make it a bit faster and I have received some positive feedback about both things actually.

My blog was #15 in last years top vBlog competition and I did my best last year to keep it up and I’ll guess we will soon if I succeeded or not:)

As always, a huge thank you to all:

  • Reading my blog posts
  • Tweet my blog posts
  • Retweeting my blog post tweets
  • Making blog post comments
  • Blog sponsors