Heads up! vCloud Automation Center Property Definition information

This will be a very short blog post about the vCloud Automation Center (vCAC), soon to be renamed to vRealize Automation (vRA), Property Definition Vrm.DataCenter.Location.

There are a few blog posts describing how to use the vCAC Property Definition Vrm.DataCenter.Location to specify where, to which vCAC Compute Resource,  your vCAC based virtual machines (VMs) will be deployed. Many of the examples talks about different physical locations.
I will not go into how you’ll configure vCAC to make it happen but i have used it from time to time since vCAC 5.2.

However in vCAC 6.1 it seems like the option of overwriting the Vrm.DataCenter.Location Property Definition has been revoked. When trying to add/define the Property Definition now you’ll receive the following error:

You cannot use a reserved property name

This is at what i have seen in three different vCAC environments but i don’t know if the feature has been revoked or if there is something wrong in my environments. I’m trying to get this confirmed and will update the blog post when i receive an answer.

So for the time being i have used other objects (e.g. networking, datastores) for placement purposes.

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