How To Force Quit Unresponsive Applications in macOS

So now it’s time to kill or force quit (which sounds a bit better) some unresponsive application running on my MacBook. Yes i know force quit will just fix an immediate problem with an unresponsive application and that you should take the necessary actions to understand why the application is unresponsive.

Nevertheless i have been required to use one of the following options quite a few times to perform the kill/force quit action using one of the two options presented below:

  1. Force Quit Applications application 🙂 It will let you highlight the application and press Force Quit:

    You get access to the Force Quit Application app via e.g:

    1. The Apple Icon in the top left corner (by default) on your MacBook Desktop.
    2. By holding down both the command and option key on your keyboard and the press esc
  2. The activity monitor where you highlight the Process name – click the Stop button to the top left

    and then press Force Quit

    You can access the Activity Monitor via e.g.:

    1. Spotlight Search which you reach by holding down command key and press space key – then type Activity Monitor
    2. Via Finder via Applications – Utilities

The above should work in most macOS releases but has been tested on macOS Catalina version 10.15.6

Enjoy Force Quitting Apps 🙂