Infinio Systems – a new VCDX56 sponsor

It is with great pleasure i announce that my blog has received yet another sponsor. Infinio Systems has decided to see what a VCDX56 blog sponsorship can offer.


Infinio is a company delivering a solution for accelerating NAS storage performance for virtual environments. While there are a few companies out there who use flash as the storage accelerator, Infinio uses a completely different strategy, they use RAM (8 GB per ESXi host) and CPU instead.

When you implement the Infinio solution there is one Accelerator virtual appliance (VA) deployed to each ESXi host plus one additional management console VA. This creates a cache layer in memory between the hypervisor and the storage system, and the acceleration starts after only a few minutes.

There is no need to reboot the ESXi host, no new hardware (no SSDs needed) when you start using the Infinio Accelerator and you do not need any software per VM either.

Use the free trial available here to see the magic yourself.