Ipeer – a new VCDX56 sponsor

It is with great pleasure i announce that the Swedish cloud and hosting services company ipeer has decided to become a VCDX56 blog sponsor.


Ipeer is a leading provider of corporate cloud- and hosting services in Sweden, providing a very broad portfolio of services to enable optimal solutions. Ipeer is both a VMware VSPP and a vCloud Partner.


In 2013, the company launched the first Hosted VMware-cloud targeting SME:s in Sweden a solution i tested and evaluated a couple of months ago. Read the related blog post here.

The same year, ipeer became one of five companies in the world to beta test Microsofts Hosted Windows Azure Pack with Parallels new APS package. It was also nominated by industry press Computer Sweden as one of Sweden’s top fifty most promising IT- and telekom companies (HIT-bolagen).

Clients range from smaller start-ups to large e-commerce sites, banks and international corporations. Ipeer has 65 employees, many of which have 15 years’ experience from corporate hosting solutions, and a turnover of 50 MSEK (2012). Established in 2006, Ipeer has data centers in Sweden and offices in Karlstad, Stockholm and Bangalore, India. Ipeer is part of the Applewise Group.

Ipeer CEO Johan Hedlund and COO Daniel Hedlund.

Ipeer_CEO_COO_2014 - Kopia

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