Meet the new NPX Program Manager – Chris Skinner

A few months back Mark Brunstad, former Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX) Program manager moved on to another role at Nutanix and the Chris Skinner is now the the new NPX Program Manager. I’m very glad Chris had the time to answer almost the same questions as Mark and below you’ll find the answers.

  • Name: Chris Skinner
  • Employer: Nutanix
  • Blog URL: http://tinyurl.com/pryut4l
  • Twitter: @ccskinner
  • Job background: Prior to my joining Nutanix in December 2015, I spent 10+ years at VMware in various roles. I started as a Technical Instructor and after a few years, moved into the ranks of management. In that time, I developed and formalized the VMware Certified Instructor program which has now grown from when I was instructor #12 to over 800 globally. In addition to the VCI program, I was responsible for implementing the current eBook solution used by VMware Education, and the operational management of the VMware Authorized Training Center/Reseller program globally. I’ve been an active participant in the VMware certification program over the years including acting as a moderator for the VCDX defense for a short time. Lastly, I was the visionary and architect for the creation of a new revenue generating self-paced online course offering with cloud-based live, hands-on labs available on demand with 24/7/365 live chat support.
  • Job role: Nutanix NPX Manager.
  • Future of HCI and other emerging technologies: Everything is going to end up running software-defined on HCI. The spread of virtualization has been a catalyst for so much change in the last decade. Now the economics of Public Cloud and SaaS are driving businesses to try and match public cloud scalability and operating costs in their own datacenters. They want the control of private infrastructure and the scalability and economics of the cloud. The only way this can happen is with the rapid adoption of HCI.
  • Reason for the NPX certification: Very simply – we want the best Enterprise Architects in the world to help us drive the HCI revolution. The NPX Program builds and vets world-class solution design and delivery skills with multiple hypervisors. The program’s graduates are the best of the best and they can tackle any project for any enterprise on the planet using the solution that’s right for the customer.
  • Value of NPX: As a customer, when you hire an NPX, you know you’re getting a superbly qualified Consultant and Enterprise Architect with peer-vetted solution design and delivery skills. The bar is set very high and it always will be. For an employer, an NPX is someone you can build your virtualization practice or CoE around knowing that the results will be industry-leading. For the individual, becoming an NPX gives you the stamp of approval from a program that demands excellence. The NPX community of superb technologists will be there to support your efforts and help you continue to grow your skills.
  • Advise to people looking into the NPX track: Go for it! NPX is hard but you will grow so much as a consultant, architect and technologist. The NPX community is growing and welcoming to everybody who wants to take on the challenge.
  • Other:  For any questions, please contact us at npx@nutanix.com