NAKIVO Backup & Replication Version 9.1 Released

Today, 2020-01-21,Β NAKIVO released a new version of their Backup & Replication product meaning the latest version is now 9.1.

As I guess you’re already familiar with Nakivo can backup the following sources:

  • AHV based VMs
  • AWS EC2
  • ESXi based VMs
  • Hyper-V based VMs
  • Physical Windows Servers

The above is great and covers a great majority of todays x86 based workloads but with version 9.1 Nakivo adds yet another source:

  • Physical Linux Servers which allows for:
    • Incremental backups
    • Instantly recover files, folders, and application objects directly from compressed and deduplicated backups.
    • Recover physical Linux Server machines to Hyper-V & VMwareΒ VMs.

In addition to the new physical Linux backup and recovery support version 9.1 also includes:

  1. Physical Windows workstation backup which allows for:
    • Incremental backups
    • Restore backups to Hyper-V & VMware VMs
  2. Instant verification can now boot VMs with networking turned off and check the operating system heartbeat via the Hyper-V integration and VMware Tools.
  3. Backup to tape where you can send backup copies to physical tape libraries and AWS VTL.

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