NAKIVO Backup & Replication Version 9.3 Released

Just a quick note to let you know that yesterday, 2020-04-08, NAKIVO released, just 1.5month after version 9.2, a new version of their Backup & Replication product meaning the latest and greatest version is now 9.3.

The 9.2 release which you can read more about here was about backup up & restoring to Office 365 and the 9.3 release is about protecting Oracle database workloads via a Recovery Manager (RMAN) integration. Using NAKIVO Backup & Replication Oracle RMAN integration you can:

  • Initiate backups
  • Schedule backups
  • Monitor the backup progress
  • Verify the backups
  • Restore to a specific point in time.

I haven’t tried the 9.3 version myself but according to NAKIVO they have focus a lot on making the Oracle backup and recovery process simple meaning even non Oracle DBAs should be able to manage the process if required.

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