Nutanix 4.7.5 and more released

Today, 2017-02-27, Nutanix released an updated version to the already existing AOS 4.7 family meaning the current version is now 4.7.5. So this is for all of you still at AOS version 4 and not on AOS version 5 which is now at version 5.0.1. See more about AOS 5.0.1 here.

1-Click SATA-DOM Firmware Upgrade is included in 4.7.5 and supports NX platforms. However, Hyper-V is not currently supported.
As usual, there are mostly fixes and feature enhancements in the dot dot releases but there are quite a few enhancements so take some time to read through the release notes and see if AOS 4.7.5 is something for you.

Download AOS 4.7.5 here

In addition to AOS 4.7.5, the following software was also released

  • Prism Central 4.7.5 was also released and can be downloaded here. The Prism Central release notes is available here and the Upgrade Guide is available here.
  • AHV version 20160601.50 which can be downloaded here and the upgrade instructions can be found here.
  • Foundation 3.7 which is the Nutnaix Cluster deployment tool was also updated today meaning it is now at version 3.7. Download Foundation 3.7 here and read the release notes here.
  • An updated version of Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC) was released a few days ago so now it’s at version It can be downloaded here and the release notes can be found here.

Again, this blog post is for you that are still at AOS 4.X and not for you already running AOS 5.X