Nutanix AHV Virt-Who Version 1.1 For Red Hat Satellite Available

Guess you are already aware of that a while back Nutanix added AHV to the open source virt-who service through the Nutanix virt-who agent. This means you can now register the Nutanix AHV cluster to your RedHat Satellite Server and provide the following functionality for your Red Hat Enterprise Linux infrastructure:

  • Automatically create the virtual machine to Nutanix AHV Host mapping and subscribe the information to your RedHat satellite server.
  • Manage subscriptions
  • Perform patch & update management

A new version of the Nutanix virt-who agent was released yesterday , 2019-09-05, meaning the latest available agent is 1.1.

The virt-who agent can connect, via their corresponding APIs, to either a Nutanix Prism Central instance managing a Nutanix cluster or direct to a Nutanix Prism Element instance/Nutanix cluster.

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