Nutanix AOS 4.7.2 and more updates released

A few days ago, 20160930, Nutanix released an update to their existing AOS (Acropolis Operating System), formerly known as NOS (Nutanix Operating System) meaning it is now at level 4.7.2.

Even though this is a dot dot release it contains a few new features including e.g.:

  • Ability to use either Data Services IP or Cluster IP for Metro Availability configurations
  • Asynchronous data replication (Async DR) is now supported between Nutanix NX and SX models to both Dell XC and Lenovo HX.
  • Nutanix NX 1065 series and Dell XC430 can form a cluster of two ESX nodes and one AHV node. Check Foundation Field Installation Guide for additional information.

Acropolis File Services is a tech preview available in AOS 4.7.2. Please note that you should not use tech preview features in production environments.

Download AOS 4.7.2 here and read the release notes here.

In addition to AOS 4.7.2 the following updates were also released:

  • Prism Central
    • Download here, release notes available here and Upgrade Guide available here.
  • Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC) with updated compatibility, quite a few new usable checks and the time it take to run NCC has also been reduced.
    • Download here and release notes available here
  • Foundation (tool to quickly setup your environment)
    • Download here and Field Installation Guide notes available here