Nutanix AOS & AHV 20201105.30417

A patch release to AOS LTS version 6.5.1 has been released meaning the most recent AOS version is It comes with security fixes, listed below, to keep up with CVE compliance and it also brings 1-click upgrade capabilities.

Read more about difference between LTS & STS here.

AOS comes with AHV version build AHV 20201105.30417 and is compatible with version: AHV-20220304.242 and can be managed with Prism Central version pc.2022.4.0.2 (almost end of life) & pc.2022.6. Additional software bundled with AOS 6.5.1 are:

  • NCC (Nutanix Cluster Check) 4.6.1
  • NGT (Nutanix Guest Tools) 2.3.1
  • Foundation 5.3

Below is a list of the CESAs addressed in

  •  CESA-2022:5052
    • CVE-2022-1271
  • CESA-2022:5235
    • CVE-2021-3177
    • CVE-2020-26116
    • CVE-2020-26137
  • CESA-2022:6160
    • CVE-2022-2526
  • CESA-2022:6170
    • CVE-2022-29154
    • CVE-2022-21540
    • CVE-2022-21541
    • CVE-2022-34169
  • CESA-2022:5232
    • CVE-2022-1966
    • CVE-2022-32250
    • CVE-2022-1729
  • CESA-2022:5937
    • CVE-2022-21123
    • CVE-2022-21125
    • CVE-2022-21166

As usual check Nutanix Software End Of Life document on a regular basis to keep you up to date.


Before upgrading, make sure to read, understand and take appropriate actions (if required) for Virtual Switch Migration Requirements in the AHV Administration Guide.

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Enjoy the new version and its capabilities..