Nutanix Database Service (NDB)

Today, 2023-11-30, Nutanix released a new version of Nutanix Database Service, NDB, meaning the latest available version is The release focus on security and addresses 40 vulnerabilities on the NDB server and NDB agent VMs which will benefit the entire NDB customer base.

In addition to the security fixes there are improvements to the backend API service according to:

  • Optimization of schedule, list, and update operations, including time machine snapshots and log catchups
  • Optimizations in snapshot management
  • Optimizations in database management, such as listing and updating managed databases
  • Overall improvement in system performance

Final note, message “Time Machine is unhealthy. Reason: SLA Breached” is fixed

Useful links

Era Download or download via NDB UI

Era Release Notes

ERA 2.5 User Guide

Njoy the new NDB version ….