Nutanix ERA 2.3 Released

Today, 2021-09-20, is a good day for all Nutanix Era customers and fans out there since version 2.3 has been released.

Highlighted New Features

There are nine new features in this dot release and i’d like to quickly present three of the most important once:

  • You can now deploy the Era management Plane in a highly available (HA) configuration without any single point of failures (SPOFs). If you recall the history you know that the initial Era management plane HA support included HA for the back-end service/repo (PostgreSQL databases) and the next phase included HA for the front-end services. Still there was a SPOF since the Era HA proxy servers were deployed within the same Nutanix cluster. With Era 2.3 comes stretched VLAN support for Era Service High Availability meaning you can place the Era HA proxy servers in different Nutanix clusters.
  • Provide IP addresses during PostgreSQL provisioning.
  • You can scale up the DB storage capacity which before Era 2.3 could be tricky 🙂

Additional New Features

Now you might think that the rest of the new features are not that important but they are and will provide good value for Era customer base.

  • MongoDB
    • Single Instance Restore
    • SQL Server AG Multi-Cluster Restore
    • SQL Server Brownfield Multi-Cluster AG Support
    • SQL Server File Share Quorum Support
    • SQL Server gMSA support
  • Oracle
    • Oracle Brownfield Support

Improved functionality

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 8.3 8.3 for MongoDB
  • Improved Era notification service
  • Entity (database clones) sharing with another user or AD group
  • Security
    • Oracle SUDO Enhancements
    • Era Service VMs Password Management Enhancements
    • Password Management Enhancements.
  • Set or unset affinity of clustered database server VMs to their hosts

Useful links

Era 2.3 Download

Era 2.3 Release Notes

ERA 2.3 User Guide

Njoy the new Era version ….