Nutanix NDB 2.4.1 Released

About 2.5 months since the previous release of Nutanix DBaaS NDB, formerly known as Era, version 2.4, a new version called 2.4.1 was released today 2022-04-11. It enables you to patch Standby Oracle Databases in addition to primary databases and includes support for latest the AOS release meaning AOS 6.1.

There are many enhancements and fixes included with 2.4.1 e.g.:

  • Support for:
    • Patroni version 2.1 on PostgresSQL HA
    • MySQL 8.0.26 on RHEL 8.4
    • Debian version 10 for MongoDB 4.x
    • Oracle database patch version 19.14
  • Configure Oracle Database listener port during SIHA provisioning and during SI clone (via API).
  • Era initiated snapshot is taken before extend storage operation for Oracle SIHA and SIDB databases.

In addition to new features and enhanced functionality there a many resolved issues which you can read about here.

This gives you an idea of what to expect with Era version 2.4.1

Useful links

Era 2.4.1 Download or download via Era UI

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ERA 2.4 User Guide

Njoy the new Era version ….