Nutanix ERA REST API & API Equivalent Button

No matter what kind of integration work you’re doing one of challenge with many products is to find a well defined API specification. With Nutanix Era, as with many other Nutanix solutions (including e.g. Prism Central, Prism Element) there is a well defined API which you can access via the UI.

  • Just click admin – > select REST API Explorer
  • There you go, just expand the area you want to explore
  • You have a “Try it out” button, which turns into a “Cancel” button, then press Execute and the result plus the query will be displayed.

This is off course very useful but an as important and useful feature provided in the Era UI is the API Equivalent. When you create any type of Profiles, deploying Databases, cloning databases, register databases and so on the API Equivalent option/button is there (bottom left corner).

Via this feature you’ll get the complete JSON body and a complete curl command you need to execute the operation you’re specifying via the UI. You can download both the JSON body and the curl command and explore.

From my perspective this is really good and have saved me a lot of time when doing Era automation and orchestration engagements. So Nutanix Era team, please keep it up and continue making Database management (provisioning, delete, clone, snapshot, patching) easier for everyone out there.