Nutanix Operating System 4.1.4 released


It has only been approximately 1,5 months since the latest Nutanix Operating System (NOS) release and yesterday, 2015-07-22, Nutanix released yet another version of its operating system. Read more about the previous release 4.1.3 here. The new version, 4.1.4, comes with e.g. the following new features:

  • Restore virtual machine (VM) locality after Acropolis host failure.
    • This means VMs are being migrated back to the Acropolis host where they were running before the Acropolis host were brought into maintenance mode. This feature is also included for the Nutanix Clusters configured with Best Effort High Availability (HA).
  • Metro Availability
    • Take local snapshots of metro availability protection domain (PD) and replicate asynchronous remote site.
      • Can be scheduled via PRISM (Nutanix UI)
    • Snapshot is taken on both sites in the Metro Availability cluster but driven by the primary site
    • Data transfer is kept to a minimum since only PD metadata replication is performed to complete the snapshot.
  • Improved performance to Disk Firmware upgrades.

NOS 4.1.4 can be downloaded from your existing Nutanix cluster via PRISM or via the Nutanix Portal

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 23.56.34

The complete release notes for NOS 4.1.4 can be found here.

The following software were also been updated yesterday:

  • Prism Central 4.1.4 – Release notes can be found here.
  • NCC 2.0.1 – Release notes can be found here.