Nutanix Prism Central PC.2021.3 Released

Two days ago, 2021-04-12, Nutanix released a new version of Prism Central, version 2021.3.

This version focus on Identity and Access Management (IAM), RBAC (Role Based Access Control) and Virtual Subnet Extension as per the below list of new/updated features:

  • Prism Central RBAC Service

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    • Uses attribute-based access control (ABAC) for authentication and authorization.
    • The following identity providers (IDP) have been tested:
      • ADFS
      • Azure ADFS
      • Okta
      • PingOne
      • Shibboleth
      • KeyCloak
    • Service built on K8s
  • Cluster RBAC (Role Based Access Control) for PC on AHV and for AHV based Nutanix clusters.

    • PC roles can be restricted to view X of Y AOS connected clusters.
  • Layer 2 Virtual Subnet Extension for on-premises & Xi Cloud Services

The PC 2021.3 version can be used to manage both AOS LTS & STS versions and as always make sure to check the Software Product Interoperability during the upgrade evaluation process.

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Enjoy the new version & its capabilities.