Nutanix Xtract For VM Version 1.1.2 Released

In October 2017 I wrote a blog post about Nutanix Xtract for Virtual Machines which provides almost no VM downtime during the migration from vSphere ESXi to Nutanix AHV.

Now, 2018-01-30, version 1.1.2 has been released and it comes with a few enhancements which can/will make your even life easier when migrating VMs to Nutanix hypervisor AHV.

  • Can keep Mac addresses from source to target.
  • Supports migration from ESXi 5.1 -> ESXi 5.5.
  • Enhancements to tracking migration data size for ongoing migrations.
  • UI enhancements
  • Specify a custom HTTPS port for vCenter Server if needed.
  • Contains VirtIO 1.1.2, which is distributed to migrated VMs.

Base functionality of Xtract for VMs are:

  • Migrate powered on or powered off VMs
  • Pause and resume migration
  • Schedule migration
  • Schedule data-seeding for the virtual machines in advance and cut over to a new AHV cluster
  • Manage VM migrations between multiple clusters from a single management interface
  • Sort and group VMs for easy migration
  • Monitor details of migration plan execution even at the individual VM level
  • Cancel in-progress migration for individual VMs
  • Migrate all AHV certified OSes

Useful links:

Did I mention the tool is free of charge….