Pluralsight – 10 day free trial available

Updated 2015-01-16

I have received a couple of questions regarding the registration process where Pluralsight asks for your credit card number. This is the text from their website.

Yes, you can cancel your trial at any time during the first 10 days and we will not charge your credit card. Otherwise, after 10 days we will convert your trial into a paid subscription. Paid subscriptions are automatically renewed each month. As a subscriber, you turn off auto renew at any time.

The trial is free, but we authorize $1 on your card to verify that you’re a real person before we grant you access. This authorization will automatically be reversed by your bank within a week or so, but it may show up on your statement (this happens more often with debit cards)

Pluralsight offers a 10 day free trial where you get access to all their e-learning content. There are a lot of VMware courses as well so for those of you following my blog i bet you will find a lot of content valuable.

A few short facts about Pluralsight:

  • 3 500+ courses
  • 116 000 video clips
  • 9 900 hours of content
  • 750 000 learners

Click here to sign up for your 10 day free trial today so you got something todo during the holidays:)