This partner page is dedicated to my newest, started May 2017, VCDX56 blog sponsor, Praim, I trust many of you working in at least the VDI space are familiar with the company.


A world where people can easily access and integrate technology – always simple and secure – to drive a new era of fulfilling desires.

Praim provides a complete system that businesses use to create and manage powerful, secure, cost-efficient, cloud-ready software and hardware workstations.

Starting in 1987 in Italy, Praim has quickly taken an uncompromising position as the leading vendor of thin and zero clients and centralized management solutions, providing both big corporations and small family businesses with the most innovative and simple solutions to access remote resources.

Praim has improved productivity, facilitated management and significantly cut costs in over 40 countries, for more than 3000 customers, providing more than 1 million installations. Praim has offices in the UK, Italy and Spain, headquarters and in-house R&D team is located in Trento, Italy.

Praim is a certified partner of Citrix, VMware and Microsoft with above 20 tech alliances to ensure the continues delivery of up-to-date technology in our products.

Praim offer:
ThinMan: The management console that helps you to centrally manage all your thin clients and PCs.
Agile: The comfort of a simplified interface  and the security of a safe and efficient management  in a single workspace management solution
ThinOX4PC: Turn your PC into a light and powerful thin client
Thin & zero clients: A wide range of optimized devices to access the whole of your infrastructure.

Empower IT manager to rule the entire IT from a single point.

ThinMan is a simple and intuitive management console that allows you to centrally manage all your deployed devices.

It helps to automate all installation and management operations on your thin & zero client and PC devices, saving time and money. Your endpoint estate will be constantly monitored and any failure or assistance request can be quickly solved without directly working on the device.

It is all about automation.

ThinMan allows to implement management and maintenance operations in a scheduled and automatic way.

Thanks to the profiling system it is possible to manage in an automatic way also the most heterogeneous groups of devices and users.

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Simplified interface and the security of a safe and efficient management in a single workspace management solution.
Agile is a new software solution for thin clients and PCs. It can be installed on Windows devices and offers a simplified and optimised interface for the access to enterprise Cloud resources and prevents any tampering of the workspace.

With Agile you can improve your workspaces turning them into a smartphone-like device. The launcher type simplified interface lets you initiate connections to your resources with a single click.

The administrator is then able to prevent users from complications of a Windows desktop by making a lockdown of the terminal.

Even if you do not use the Agile Mode interface, the device becomes completely manageable by Praim ThinMan console.

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Smart Desktop Interface Smart Organisation Simple Login & Authentication
Desktop Lockdown & Write Filter Full Control & Management Management activities advanced scheduler
GUI Personalisation Software Distribution Advanced Profiling for all Devices
Ideal for touch devices Passwords & Certificates Centralised Management Branch Offices Management
Browser Kiosk Integrated Remote Support Service Inventory & Log management
Unique experience on every device

Extend lifecycle of old hardware and turning them into powerful devices.

Simple and automized management of your PCs

ThinOX4PC is the Praim software solution designed to extend the life of your PC and turn it into a powerful thin client.

ThinOX4PC installs the Linux-based operating system Praim ThinOX on devices like PCs, notebooks, or thin clients from other brands. The user experience is smooth and flawless and all the devices can be fully and automatically managed by Praim ThinMan.
Secure your old PC

Praim ThinOX is a very secure operating system, which does not allow the regular user to perform write operations on the disk, making the converted PC totally immune to viruses and tampering.

Only the system administrator can intervene on the device with configuration and software installation operations, while maintaining the complete control of corporate workstations.

ThinOX4PC & ThinMan: no other tools needed!

ThinOX4PC enjoys all the configuration, management and deployment features offered by Praim ThinMan console.

Two console versions are available:

– ThinMan Premium Edition: for a complete and granular management of your devices

– ThinMan Platinum Edition: for advanced profiling and the automation of management and deployment operations of workstations.

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ThinMan Repeater is an essential feature for subsidiaries and remote offices management.

ThinMan Repeater is a brand new software component that is possible to install on every Windows device. It works as a repeater between remote network devices and the ThinMan Platinum Edition console.

After its installation in branch offices the IT administrator will have a complete access to remote devices, without a need of VPN, simply by using the Internet connection.