Prism Self Service


This page is dedicated to the Nutanix Prism Self Service feature which is Nutanix first product that focus entirely on the data center resource consumers / end users. This aligns well with how many companies want to deliver part of or their entire IT today.


The Nutanix Prism Self Service offers a user interface (UI) called Self Service Portal (SSP) for easy management and end user access. However, as with most Nutanix features there is also a Representational state transfer (REST) Application Programming Interface (API) available. The Nutanix Prism Self Service software development kit (SDK) includes includes REST documentation and sample code.

As i mention in one of my SSP blog post Nutanix Self Service Portal Part I – Preparation & Initial Configuration there is no need for additional components to get going with Nutanix Prism Self Service and this is a huge differentiator compared to other solutions. The only thing you need is your existing Nutanix Cluster based on Nutanix AHV. All this together means:

  • No design effort for management components.
  • Less time for implementation and configuration.
  • High availability built-in.

A few words by Constantine Kousoulis, Nutanix Prism Self Service Product Lead at Nutanix

We simplify how computing is done in enterprises. The technology we develop is the tool to realize our goal, but not the goal itself. We substantially changed the lives of datacenter administrators, and now we’re setting our sights on the entirety of enterprise computing. Self service isn’t a product to layer on top of the datacenter – it’s a mindset we bring to the datacenter. We’re focusing on the complex interactions between people and organizations across enterprises and we’re declaring, “We can make this better.”

Self Service Portal Blog Posts

Below are links to a few SSP blog posts i have created:

Self Service Portal Videos

Below is two pretty awesome videos put together by Nutanix Services organisations. These covers one of the most popular areas of discussion with existing and potentially new customers “AHV and ServiceNow integration”

  • This video was put by my colleagues at Nutanix Services organisation and demonstrates ServicesNow ITSM based Application Provisioning on AHV and SSP. Following components are involved:
    • ServiceNow – version Istanbul with following plugins enabled:
      • Discovery
      • Orchestration
      • Chef
    • Nutanix AHV
    • Nutanix SSP
  • This video was put together by my colleague Gabe Contreras and demonstrates put together that demonstrates integration between:
    • AHV
    • Service Now
    • Nutanix SSP

Read Ten Things you need to know about Prism Self-Service for a Nutanix official presentation about Nutanix Prism Self Service.