Runecast Analyzer v4.3 Released

Just a few weeks after the release of Runecast 4.2 which you can read more about here Runecast released yet another new version. This means the latest one available is version 4.3.

Two major new enhancements are included in the 4.3 release including:

  • Enterprise Console which is built to operate very large environments since the log analysis scalability in one Runecast system is limited 1200 hosts/appliances.
    It is not only useful for large enterprises but also for companies with team/group/department specific environments, companies with systems per ROBO sites, service providers, hosting providers.

    The Enterprise Console is one centralized Runecast Analyzer system to which multiple Runecast Analyzer appliances/agents can be connected. The admin/users connects, taking advantage of role based access control (RBAC), to the centralized Runecast Analyzer and from this single pane of glass connects to any of the remote connected Runecast Analyzer appliances/agents.

    Picture borrowed from Runecast public web site

  • Center for Internet Security (CIS) which is an industry-standard for secure configuration guidance has expanded to AWS. This means that CIS checks are now included for both VMware environments, since Runecast 4.1 and AWS.Picture borrowed from Runecast public web site

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