Swedish victory in trotting race Prix D Amerique

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This will be the first blog post posted that will not include any job related stuff at all. As mention in the about section of my blog you can apart from job related stuff also see blog post about trotting.

The last sunday in January every year the world toughest trotting race, Prix d’Amerique, takes place at Vinecennes outside Paris, France. Since the start we have seen 5 Swedish victories and the last one was back in 2006.

I have been there a couple of times myself but this year i couldn’t make it. It is usually about 50 000 people on site when the race takes place and the atmosphere is just great.

This year Mahajarah, a nine year old Swedish horse born and raised outside Stockholm Sweden, tried to beat the rest of world elite for the forth time. His previous result has been 2, 4 and 0 but this year he finally won the race.

A huge congrats to the trainer Stefam Hultman, driver Örjan Kihlström, the attendant Lisa Skogh and off course the protagonist Maharajah.

Watch the race here if you are interested.

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