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Heads Up! No More Third Party Virtual Switches API For ESXi

Update 2017-04-01 No it is official, see VMware KB 2149722Β for more information. —————————————————————————————– Since I know quite a few of my customers are using third party switches in their vSphere environment instead of the VMware native Virtual Standard Switch (VSS) or vNetwork Distributed Switch (VDS) i wanted to provide you with some information I have …

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Backup vSphere vNetwork Distributed Switches using PowerCLI

A few weeks ago a customer asked me how to automate the export of the vSphere vNetwork Distributed Switches (VDS) configuration. Their existing routine included to make a manual export of the VDS configuration whenever a VDS change was implemented including adding or removing a VDS port group. In the vSphere Web Client you can …

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vSphere Distributed Port Group Teaming and Failover – Failback option

Last week i had a discussion with a customer regarding the vSphere Distributed Port GroupΒ Teaming and Failover configuration Failback (Failback) when using the Teaming and Failover: Load balancing configuration “Route based on physical NIC load” aka LBT. All available dvUplinks configured as Active uplinks. We discussed if the Failback configuration makes a difference regarding virtual …

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