Top 50 vBlog gift from Nutanix

About two months ago i wrote an article about the “VMware and virtualization top vBlog 2014 voting results are out”  and since i finished among the top 50 blogs i was offered a gift by Nutanix. This was before i start working for Nutanix so this was an opportunity for everyone voted in the top 50.
I signed up for the gift and two days ago i received my package and it was a really nice and handy sound bar.  The inscription on top of the sound bar is really good for my ego:)


I have already used it while standing outside painting my house and i guess it will be handy in many situations in the future.

By having that said, i’d just like to take the opportunity to send a big thank you to Nutanix for this gift and for putting effort into the virtualization community.



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