Top vBlog 2018 voting is now open

It’s again that time of the year when you get a chance to let the people behind the blog posts, you’re hopefully reading :), let them know what you think. During last year there was over 1 600 people putting in their votes which is pretty amazing.

The man putting it all together is as usual Eric Siebert, running vSphere-land, and he has as usual done a great job. I don’t wanna know how much time it actually takes but I can imagine it is a lot.

You can, same as last time, select 12 virtualisation related blogs out of 300 and I encourage you select the once that helps you the most (technically or just providing good information) and or provides the most interesting stuff to read.

You’re asked to considered the following about the blogs before making your vote:

  • Frequency (how often they post)
  • Length (how long the posts are)
  • Longevity (how long they have been blogging for)
  • Quality (how well the posts are)

Read more about the vBlog voting sphere-land & when you’re ready klick the Vote button below and make your voice heard before December 15:th 2018 so you have a lot of time.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 08.51.15

Happy voting.