Turbonimic 6.0 Released

A few days ago, 2017-09-27, Turbonomic, a long time VCDX56 blog sponsor, released a new version of their software which continuously analyzes real-time workload demand and matches it to compute, storage and network resources in a virtualized, private or public cloud environment. This means the latest & greatest Turbonomic version is 6.0 and it brings new ways of controlling your operational expenses and providing the application with the performance & availability they need.

There are quite a few enhancements to the 6.0 release and like many companies these days Turbonomic is moving away from a flash based UI to a HTML5 based UI meaning you can manage the software from any device from anywhere.

A way to further increase cost control is the automated or scheduled suspend action where you can either let Turbonomic decide when to suspend an instance or set a schedule when you need an instance to be suspended.

Other enhancements in the 6.0 release includes:

  • Current default operating system for Turbonomic is CentOS but upgrade bits are available for RedHat as well. No more support for openSUSE
  • Build custom dashboards via the dynamic canvas
    • A lot of widgets to customize your desktop
  • Databases, storage, compute and network real time analysis in AWS and Azure
  • Total instance cost analysis including cost for compute, license, IP and storage.
  • Universal search – serach throughout your hybrid environment.
  • All UI elements gets the information from RESTful API meaning no clients are needed at the end points.
  • Plan cloud storage migration & migrate between storage tiers without any downtime
  • Processing & Analysis
  • New targets including:
    • Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) for discover network flows
    • Fabric Control including Cisco UCS Central & HPE OneView
  • Smarter IOPS Calculations for Disk Arrays including both flash based once and hybrid once.
  • Ignore constraints in project plans.
  • Relational Database Control for AWS and Azure

Useful links:

Visit the VCDX56 Turbonomic partner page to get more information and useful links about Turbonomic
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