Upgrade Nutanix Community Edition

Realized the other day that my Intel NUC with Nutanix Community Edition (CE) was bit outdated, running AOS version 2017.07.20 and AHV version 20170627, so I decided to upgrade it to the latest versions:

  • AOS – 2019.02.11 which is names as LTS (Long Term Support)
  • AHV – 20190211.279

Upgrading Nutanix CE is as easy as upgrading your other Nutanix systems. Just follow the below step and you’re good to go.

  • Sign in to the Nutanix CE Community and check out this post – Download Nutanix CE, Docs, and Guides to download the binary files and well as the metadata files needed.
  • Sign in to the Prism UI
  • Hit the Wheel icon in the top right corner -> click Upgrade Software
  • Start with AOS and select both the json and binary (tar.gz) files and click Upload Now
  • When done, click Upgrade and Upgrade Now. Pre-upgrade checks will run when you do the Upgrade.
  • Click Yes to proceed and wait for some time.
  • There you go – Now running Nutanix CE AOS 2019.02.11 LTS
  • Next up is the hypervisor. In the same Upgrade Software section just select AHV and perform the same actions as with AOS meaning first Upload the software.
  • Click Upgrade & select Upgrade Now and then sit back for a while

That simple to get your Nutanix CE upgraded to latest version.

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